United States Congress set to embrace video conferencing

Thursday, June 30 2011

If there is one organization in all of North America that has spending and savings in mind, it is the United State Congress. Whether in favor of cutting taxes or reducing spending, every legislator has an opinion on saving taxpayers' money. As a result, it makes sense that they would seek to use technology as a cost-cutting measure.

The Congressional Committee on House Administration announced that the House of Representatives and the Senate will begin to use web conferencing for official legislative business. Information Week reports that congresspeople have already been allowed to use smartphones and tablet PCs on the floor of Congress. This move seeks to expand the use of computers and the internet to make government more efficient.

Video conferencing can provide incredible savings and reduce government expenditures. Given all the testimony that Congress hears, it makes sense that web conferencing would be the solution of choice. It is also important to note that politicians can be held accountable if there are official video records of all their interactions with witnesses and the public.