University of Edinburgh uses video conferencing to host international seminar

Friday, September 10 2010

Next week, Scotland's University of Edinburgh will host a unique event using cutting-edge video conference technology to converse with experts around the globe.

The video conferencing session will link up expert panels in Hong Kong, Mumbai, New York and Toronto by projecting their life-sized high-definition images onto a screen in front of 200 or so delegates at the annual Global Ambitions Conference, the BBC reports.

"These highly-connected representatives, already rich in knowledge and experience of Scotland's business presence in key markets, will interact with our core audience in Edinburgh to share perspectives and discuss pointers to Scotland's future success," said Lesley Sawers, chief executive of SCDI, the international trade body which organized the event.

The company which developed the video conferencing system said that it has so far saved approximately $615 million on travel alone and prevented more than 332,000 tons of emissions thanks to the technology, according to the BBC.

The University of Edinburgh is one of UK's premier research and higher-learning institutions. Recently, the university was also in the news after receiving a $15.4-million donation from Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling to benefit its multiple sclerosis research and treatment center. Rowling modeled the wizarding boarding school Hogwarts after a similarly venerable Scottish institution, St. Andrews.