Use online video software for real-life success

Tuesday, December 4 2012

Virtual meetings are quickly becoming commonplace for many big and small businesses, and companies can use video conferencing to share information and maintain productivity. In fact, online video software can substantially affect a business, especially if its managers and workers understand the value of video conferencing.

Check out the following tips to learn about how to maximize the benefits of your video conferences.

1. Promote active listening - Video conferences allow participants to see and hear responses, and active listeners can immediately make a difference by asking questions and providing feedback.

2. Be courteous - Show the same courtesy you normally would during a face-to-face meeting. A video conference that features participants who listen when others are speaking and respond when they are addressed allows a meeting to continue as scheduled so team members can learn valuable information to better complete their daily tasks.

3. Get feedback - A video conference is successful only if every attendee understands exactly what is going on and has a voice in the meeting. Managers who regularly collect feedback from workers who participate in video conferences can develop strategies to further engage staff members during these meetings.