Use video conferencing technology whenever you can

Friday, August 16 2013

Many companies are increasing their use of video conferencing technology to enhance communication. The platform allows workers to contact almost anyone around the world by simply clicking a few buttons. However, many employees struggle to capitalize on this resource because they're unfamiliar with it. 

To combat this issue, VentureBeat recommends using video conferencing software whenever possible so you can become more familiar with the tool. For instance, the news source notes that you can use an application instead of instant messaging when you work remotely. 

Additionally, you should use the technology while on business trips. Whether you're a half a world away from the office or only a few miles away, you can hold a video conference with your colleagues so you can have face-to-face discussions instead of sending countless emails back and forth. 

The more you use video conferencing software, the more comfortable you'll become with the technology. Further, the platform will gradually become an everyday tool because you'll have used it so frequently. Find opportunities to capitalize on the interactive channel so you can easily communicate with your associates no matter where you're located.