Use web conferences for several purposes

Tuesday, January 8 2013

Web conferencing software enables company officials to interact with clients or staff members around the world, but it also provides unique opportunities for participants. An online meeting is an open forum that can be used for a variety of reasons, and web conference attendees can optimize its value by taking advantage of the software's features.

Consider the following types of meetings that can be held with web conferencing software:

1. Seminars - These gatherings enable presenters to deliver information in an educational setting. Think of a seminar as a classroom - speakers act as instructors who teach web meeting attendees a vast array of skills and tools.

Seminars are ideal if moderators are addressing staff members. Presenters should speak slowly and clearly, answer questions if they arise and provide information that is relevant to their primary discussion points during these meetings. Additionally, keep seminars short - presenters who try to do too much could alienate or confuse audience members. 

2. Press conferences - Companies may host press conferences if they need to simultaneously release information to various media outlets. While some businesses may send press releases to offer background information, a live conference enables company officials to instantly share their messages and ensure that they are heard by audience members.

Before hosting a press conference, take attendance and notify scheduled participants about the meeting's purpose. Inform audience members about the focus of the conference, but be sure to use the gathering to explain its importance. Host a question-and-answer session after the speaker finishes his or her presentation to allow participants to learn more about specific topics.

3. Training sessions -  Business managers can use web conferences to teach hands-on skills to remote employees. The workplace is quickly becoming mobile, and online meetings enable supervisors to expand their training options.

Meeting presenters can use charts, graphs and slides to teach workers how to complete daily assignments. With web conferences, speakers may share information that audience members can easily see. If participants have questions, they can have their concerns addressed during the gathering.

Web conferences can help businesses boost productivity because employees can use the meetings for many purposes. The gatherings may instantly become popular choices for companies, especially firms that employ remote staff members, and could help these businesses expand their operations.