Use web conferencing to get away from the office this summer

Wednesday, June 27 2012

Summer is often marked by trips to foreign countries and holidays spent with friends and family. However, for small business owners, finding the time to get away from the omnipresent demands of work can be difficult. Luckily, the emergence of online tools, cloud-based software and web conferencing is increasingly allowing them to stay on the ball while they are away from the office.

According to a new industry survey by Wakefield Research of 500 U.S. small business owners, many people in this group plan on spending 18 days this summer working remotely. Perhaps more telling, 15 percent said they would be doing so 36 days or more - meaning that many small business owners have already substantially adapted to a more mobile workplace.

"The results demonstrate the extent to which telephone and video conferencing have become ingrained in the work habits of small business owners, since nearly half of the survey respondents say traditional, in-person meetings are becoming less relevant," said Glenn Bray, senior director of the Cloud Collaboration Applications Technology Group.

As online conferencing services improve, more small business owners and employees find they can conduct important meetings and real-time communications from any location. Using the technology can help them find a balance between the demands of work and the pleasures of summer.