Use your voice effectively during web conferences

Friday, January 11 2013

Web conferencing tools are designed to make it easy for company leaders to discuss important topics with far-flung clients and employees. During a web meeting, it is essential for presenters to enunciate so that audience members can hear messages as they are delivered.

Consider the following tips to use your voice effectively during web conferences.

1. Proceed slowly - There may be only a limited amount of time allocated for a presentation, but speakers should speak slowly and clearly to ensure that attendees understand their messages. Develop your materials in advance and evaluate the best way to deliver information. Decide if certain details are unnecessary and remove frivolous discussion points from a presentation.

2. Magnify your voice - A robotic presenter could miss the mark when he or she speaks. Display energy and enthusiasm by projecting your voice. Get audience members involved by asking questions to help these attendees stay focused throughout the meeting.

3. Display confidence - Study your materials closely, as this will help you build confidence before a web conference. Practice how you will deliver information to avoid stammering during the meeting.