Using teleconferencing as a sales tool

Wednesday, May 9 2012

As more and more companies fold video conferencing into their business plan, new uses continue to spread. More than just a way of meeting or communicating with clients or collaborators, the technology is increasingly being used as a sales tool.

This shouldn't be surprising as web conferencing offers many strengths over traditional forms of long-distance sales.

As Venture Beat points out, incorporating video into a sales presentation is easy - and effective - when teleconferencing. How-to's, testimonials and endorsements can easily be folded into a presentation, thus creating a much fuller pitch.

Another key advantage over written or audio-only sales calls is the ability to show a full, live demonstration. If seeing is believing, than it is easy to understand how demonstrating a product in real time to a customer many miles away is a great boon for a salesperson.

With the advantages of using video conferencing as a sales tool come a few novel considerations as well. It is always important to remember that you are being watched as you sell your product or service. Furthermore, across the web, you might not look the same as you do in person. It's a good idea to watch yourself through the camera before you start to envision how you look to your audience and hone the best presentation techniques.