Veteran and amateur travelers both interested in video conferencing

Tuesday, September 14 2010

According to a recent study, North America and Europe are leading the world in the use of new and innovative video conferencing technology.

Research released by American Express Business Travel in collaboration with the Institute of Travel and Meetings has revealed that North American and European travelers are receptive to and even eager to begin using alternative methods of business communication, including video conferencing. Furthermore, seasoned travelers are just as likely as their younger counterparts to be interested in emerging video conferencing technology as an alternative to face-to-face meetings.

"Companies are focused on achieving peak employee productivity by using technology to reduce costs as new options to support a managed travel program, but also to connect people on the road more effectively when they are conducting revenue generating activities," said Christa Degnan Manning, research director of eXpert Insights at American Express Business Travel. "Advancements in video technologies, mobile devices and social media solutions are enhancing collaboration and relationship-building through more seamless communication."

According to the study, 63 percent of companies cite cost reduction as the number one reason to adopt new technology within business travel over the past three years, and 32 percent of travelers say continued cost reduction to their companies' bottom lines will have the biggest impact over the next three years.