Veteran job coaches offer advice to vets

Thursday, May 10 2012

Sometimes the groups that most need help landing a job are also the hardest to reach. Disabled veterans, for example, are often travelling on the move, receiving medical attention or hard to pin down. That's why, in an effort to provide them with job-finding advice, the Disabled Veterans National Foundation (DVNF) will be holding a free online webinar.

Partnering with three experts in the field - Ted Daywalt, president of VetJobs; Diane Hudson Burns, career management coach and; Jeff Klare, CEO of Hire Disability Solutions - DVNF aims to use the webinar called Interviewing Skills: Tips and Techniques to Land the Job as a way of imparting wisdom to far-flung returned soldiers.

Each of the experts will lead sections on interviewing preparation, techniques and strategies.
"This is a stellar group of experts who are well known for training men and women in the latest and best interviewing techniques," said Raegan Rivers, Chief Administrative Officer of the DVNF.

Using webinars as a tool for mass information sessions and targeted education is becoming more popular for non-profit organizations like the DVNF. Inexpensive and powerful, they offer such a group a new way of disseminating information and tips.