Victims of Parkinson's disease find treatment through video conferencing

Monday, June 27 2011

Those afflicted with Parkinson's disease must contend with difficulty throughout their daily routines. Victims of the disorder can lose their ability to walk, talk and manipulate objects with their hands. This means that something as mundane as getting in a car and driving to a doctor's office can be rendered impossible.

Fortunately, web conferencing software and hardware are making it easier for victims of this disease to speak with a doctor. According to National Public Radio, the number of patients who use video conferencing technology to communicate with a doctor or specialist is on the rise. In particular, those who suffer from Parkinson's can check in with their physicians easily and from the comfort of their own homes.

For those patients who don't have access to high-speed internet or the tools that make teleconferencing possible, nursing homes, community centers and hospitals are opening their doors to victims of many illnesses. The video conferencing suites in those places allow victims of disease to get in touch with a doctor who may be miles away. The distances that once imposed boundaries on medicine, as well as business, are slowly starting to seem much less imposing thanks to web conferencing technology.