Video conference summit seeks to bridge gap between business and government

Friday, July 1 2011

Web conferencing technology has been increasingly used by private companies as well as government agencies. However, one of the biggest challenges facing the organizations that collaborate using telepresence technology is the incompatibility of some hardware and software.

Massachusetts-based Wainhouse Research, a market analysis group, will host the 11th Annual North American Collaboration Summit. The aim of each year's conference is to understand the trends and challenges of the video conferencing industry. For the past 10 years, each summit has been held in either Boston or San Francisco. However, this year's meeting will take place in Philadelphia from July 19th to the 20th. There, attendees hope to take advantage of the expertise of businesses in New York City as well as government figures from Washington D.C.

Collaboration within an industry is important for future innovation. Without adequate communication between competitors, a market or technology can stagnate. Fortunately, it is in all businesses' best interests to share information and work together to ensure that web conferencing technology becomes an efficient and cost-effective way for organizations to interface with one another.