Video conferences could help victims of substance abuse

Tuesday, July 26 2011

Substance abuse and alcohol addiction have plagued many people across the world. Telephone hotlines have long been used to help curb urges and deter users from spiralling further out of control.

Video conferencing could impact this line of work by improving the quality of the services provided by many of these non-profit organizations. Many computers come equipped with small webcams embedded into their structural design these days, and the price of external webcams has reduced to below $20 in some cases.

Video conferencing will soon become a vital tool in fighting addiction, and non-profit organizations will be able to provide step-by-step advice in a more intimate setting. Speaking to someone face-to-face about overcoming their addiction would benefit the addict. The video conference would simulate a real person-to-person interaction, which is sometimes more productive in deterring users from falling back on a vice.

MegaMeeting is a company that provides video conferencing equipment for businesses around the United States. The easy to use equipment can help companies provide better customer service for those in need. For non-profit companies, like drug rehabilitation centers, these services could be a major advantage to the health of their patients.