Video conferencing ATMs are green and efficient

Thursday, May 19 2011

One of the many benefits of web conferencing is that it saves money. The introduction of automatic teller machines that are equipped with video conferencing technology could be the next step in the teleconferencing industry, and Gizmag reports that manufacturer NCR has completed work on the SelfServ 32 - an ATM that performs the same functions as a standard cash machine. However, what sets it apart is the webcam and video screen contained within.

This machine is beneficial to consumers because it allows for 24 hour banking service. Instead of waiting in line at a bank during the day or being out of luck at night, bankers can approach the ATM and perform transactions at any hour. The video conversation will take place between a consumer and a remote teller, who can answer questions, find information and help with withdrawals and deposits.

The SelfServ 32 is, like all video conferencing technology, environmentally friendly. By reducing the need for the construction of large banks, it represents a green technology. This ATM will also reduce the amount of paper used in most transactions, and if it becomes common enough will reduce the need for farther travel to a full-service bank.