Video conferencing a good tool for businesses

Wednesday, September 22 2010

Video conferencing is gaining popularity among small and large businesses alike, and according to a recent article in Network World, it has good reason to.

Video conferencing is already a key part of the infrastructure of many companies, and now a survey by Webtorials is revealing just how it is used. About 77 percent of video conferencing users already have access to a dedicated system in a conference room, while 53 percent enjoy many of the same benefits using a PC-based system in their office.

While scheduled conferences with clients and partners continues to be the main use of video conferencing technology, there is also a growing need for ad hoc and intra-company video conferencing that allows different people within the same organization to stay in touch.

However, not all businesses are on board with video conferencing technology. Among the obstacles cited by businesses who didn't use the technology were video conferencing included equipment costs, the requirement of having to go to a special room to use video conferencing and the cost of bandwidth.