Video conferencing advantages for businesses and applicants

Tuesday, March 6 2012

With the ever increasingly competitive job market, employers are seeking workers from across the globe who can best suit their needs. However, the cost of flying and housing interviewees can be a very expensive. To help cut these expenditures, more employers are utilizing video conferencing software to interview candidates for positions.

In addition, online conferencing has many other impressive benefits for businesses. Internet conferencing can decrease travel costs by reducing the amount of trips made for company meetings, presentations and training new hires. Web meetings also decrease operational costs by eliminating the charges associated with long distance calling necessary for meetings.

Using this technology can also dramatically increase efficiency in sales, allowing executives to meet with more customers frequently and at less cost, which may translate to increased profits and improved customer satisfaction and retention rates. Decisions are streamlined, projects are completed sooner and productivity can be increased across the entire organization.

There are other benefits too. The use of webinar software can help improve safety measures involving risky travel. It also allows for crucial staff to work from home if needed due to closures or delays. Equally important, video conferencing saves energy and reduces greenhouse gas emissions, substantially lowering the company's carbon footprint.

With all of these benefits to using video conferencing technology, it is becoming an increasingly popular business model and strategy, especially for interviewing candidates.
So what do you do if you're chosen for a video conference interview? Here are some tips to help you ace the meeting:

1. Make eye contact. Treat this as any other interview. When your interviewer is speaking, it is fine to look at the screen occasionally. But when it is your turn to respond, be sure to look into the camera to engage with your potential employer.

2. Dress accordingly. Just because you may not be physically in the room with your interviewer, dress as if you were. Darker colors read better over the web and help keep your attire business professional. 

3. Chose a professional environment. Typical interviews take place in a formal setting, and an online interview should be no different. Remove distractions such as pets, and try to find a place you can use privately to give your undivided attention.

Video conferencing is helping to innovate the way businesses operate, so it is equally important for applicants to be prepared and educated about this technology just as much as their potential employers.