Video conferencing allows businesses to go green

Thursday, June 2 2011

With added attention directed toward the environment and the impact companies have on it, many businesses are seeking to do their part by becoming more ecologically friendly. The Manchester Evening News reports that there are many ways, including the use of video conferencing, to accomplish this.

According to the Evening News, one of the most aggressive attempts at this goal has been made by Manchester law firm DWF. The U.K. company, which has over 500 employees, has made a commitment to be carbon neutral by 2013. In addition to reducing paper waste and using energy efficient equipment, DWF will recommend and support video conferencing for most of its meetings. This action is projected to reduce staff travel and cut CO2 emissions for the firm by 2,619 metric tons each year.

In a conversation with the Evening News, Head of Values and Corporate Social Responsibility Tyrone Jones said,
"Caring about the environment is one of our core values and an integral part of our business strategy to become a top 30 law firm by 2012." He added, "The way we do business reflects our determination to be a positive influence on social and environmental issues that our people, clients and communities consider important."