Video conferencing apps and BYOD go hand in hand

Wednesday, January 18 2012

Video conferencing technology and BYOD (bringing-your-own-device) are predicted to be part of important technology trends in 2012 and have the potential to lead to workers increasing their web conferencing use. This technology has already helped businesses cut the travel expenses of sending employees on business trips for meetings.

Web conferencing services that have long since departed from the hardware only era have embraced software solutions and even developed apps that allow individuals to make calls from their tablets. Mobile devices with front-facing cameras can make it possible for employees to attend web conferences from virtually anywhere.

At the same time, businesses are are being pressed to develop corporate technology that may make it possible for employees to use their own devices at work.  Managers are looking towards cloud-based solutions that can facilitate the multiple platforms used by different devices.

Mobile video conferencing technology that is accessible from anywhere on mobile devices can enable employees to connect and collaborate remotely. This can translate to an increase in employees productivity since  less time will be spent traveling to meetings, and businesses can also benefit from spending less on travel costs and decreasing their carbon footprint.