Video conferencing brings back the personal aspect of digital communication

Thursday, September 8 2011

Improving communication between a corporation and a potential client helps to establish a better rapport, and in some cases, can solidify a partnership.

Prior to the digital era, business meetings were conducted face-to-face, which was beneficial because most communication is transmitted through body language and nonverbal cues. Once telephones and computers came into the picture, it was much easier to reach out to a client or coworker with an impersonal email or across a phone line. Unfortunately, those new forms of communication completely removed face-to-face interaction.

Companies such as MegaMeeting have found a solution. Video conferencing has emerged as a necessary software for businesses that rely on constant communication with clients and coworkers. With this technology, users are able to speak with others face-to-face without having to worry about travel expenses and wasting time. High quality video conferencing technology has been improved upon over the past few years. In today's corporate world, that is a valuable asset for conducting business.

While video conferencing has yet to completely eliminate employee travel, it has greatly affected the urgency surrounding business meetings. Instead of having to jump on the soonest flight, associates are able to communicate with clients immediately through a computer screen.