Video conferencing can improve communication for traveling delivery workers

Tuesday, December 13 2011

Some industries require year-round travel for workers, particularly in the fields of delivery and distribution. For workers who inhabit remote locations more days out of the year than their own homes, they can use video conferencing services to communicate with on-site workers and - even more importantly - their families. 

Individuals on the road every day have limited opportunities to communicate, especially with new laws implemented that ban employees' use of phones while operating vehicles. When the day's traveling is over, they may need to check-in with company leaders to double-check that the assignments for the day were accomplished and to prepare for the tasks to follow. Conducting online meetings where workers can see and hear each other can ensure that the message is clear and ultimately create a quicker and more efficient conversation.

After the job is complete, traveling workers may desire to catch up with their significant others, children or close friends. With video conferencing services, individuals can see and hear each other through the computer speakers and webcam.

The technology allows workers to virtually meet with their families online and engage in the best form of communication next to physical face-to-face interaction.