Video conferencing can improve the customer experience

Thursday, September 29 2011

Services such as transportation systems, libraries and banks can benefit from recent advances made in video conferencing technology. The software that makes video conferencing possible has been around for a few years, but only recently has the video quality reached a level where there are actual professional uses for it.

Crisp and high-definition video streams can be used to improve communication between people who are not located near one another. Organizations can save money by installing video conferencing systems in their facilities. For example, banks can install video screens on their ATMs that can offer customers help even when a business has closed for the day.

This technology can be used to offer guests at libraries and in public transportation systems advice on where to find a book or catch a train. The technology can help reduce the number of employees a business needs to hire because only one employee is necessary to operate several video conferencing portals.

MegaMeeting can help organizations of any size set up a video conferencing terminal in their facility and begin to offer a superior level of customer service. This technology has the potential to cut costs and reduce overhead for businesses and public services alike.