Video conferencing connects Carnegie Mellon University with satellite campus in Qatar

Wednesday, January 19 2011

It's not at all uncommon for American universities to have satellite campuses - for example, the University of California exists in both Berkeley and Los Angeles, as well as in eight other California cities. However, it is slightly less common for a university to expand overseas. Still, Carnegie Mellon University has done just that by branching out with a satellite campus in Qatar.

Students at Carnegie Mellon's flagship campus in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, will be able to see what student life is like thousands of miles away thanks to a new video conferencing system that will connect the two institutions, the Gulf Times reports.

Kim Abel, director of housing and dining services at the university, came up with the idea to connect the two campuses and plans to implement the system by March of 2011. The video conferencing system will feature a suite where students can interact visually, verbally and, in some ways, even physically with students in Doha, the capital of Qatar.

"It is our hope that when you walk in the space you will feel in some way that you have walked onto the Doha campus," Abel explained. "We hope the furnishings, fixtures, and exhibits reflect the culture, programs, and people of CMU-Q. Renee Camerlengo and the Impaqt students will provide ongoing assistance with creating ongoing and ever-changing displays."

CMU-Q, which enrolls students from Qatar and 30 other countries, offers undergraduate programs in business administration, computer science and information systems.