Video conferencing connects teams and players on NBA draft day

Tuesday, June 21 2011

One of the largest televised video conferencing conversations ever organized is set to take place on the NBA's draft day. The Oklahoman reports that on June 24, sixteen teams, dozens of analysts, players from around the country and prospective draftees from around the world will gather around webcams and HD monitors to participate in ESPN's coverage of the event.

Most television conversations that take place over vast distances use proprietary broadcast equipment. However, ESPN's coverage will use web conference technology and broadcast its signals over the internet for one of the largest video conferences in history.

Coverage will include interviews with team leaders from Cleveland, Minnesota, and Utah, where the teams with the first picks reside. Interviewers will also speak with organizational leaders from the 2011 NBA Champion Dallas Mavericks and other successful teams. Additionally, an unprecedented eight presumed first-round picks are foreign residents and will be able to join the conversation via video conference. Such technology gives NBA fans an interesting insight into the expanding phenomenon of international basketball.