Video conferencing eases distance between travelers and families

Monday, March 5 2012


Today's job market is highly competitive and requires many workers to frequently travel for their jobs. However, the constant travel comes with a price - too much time spent away from family.

Now, travelers can utilize technology to make business trips more convenient for everyday life. Video conferencing may help you feel a little closer to home and stay connected with friends and family.

"The findings show that travelers are getting creative when it comes to maintaining their relationships while traveling, like the 7 percent that use a web cam to connect online with their family," said Rob Greyber, senior vice president of North America for Expedia Corporate Travel.

On the flip side, when children travel such as leaving for summer camp or going on vacations with friends, video conferencing is great for helping to ease homesickness.

Though this technology is state of the art, it is relatively simple to use. All that is typically needed is a webcam compatible computer and an active internet connection, all of which are found on nearly every PC or Mac.