Video conferencing enhances therapy sessions

Wednesday, November 9 2011

According to the National Institute for Mental Health, approximately one quarter of American adults are diagnosed with one or more mental disorders. A significant number of those diagnosed - about 40 percent - seek some form of therapy to cope with disorders, and now, with video conferencing services, the patient can schedule sessions with a therapist in the comfort of his home.

Whether the patient is an out-of-state college student, a constantly traveling business person or an individual who feels most secure sharing certain emotions at home, video conferencing providers such as MegaMeeting allow therapists to create and maintain relationships with clients no matter the geographic location. A long relationship with one therapist can build a sense of trust between the client and therapist, as opposed to seeking new treatment at the start of every new move or job relocation.

The MegaMeeting program is 100 percent browser-based, offering easy access for both the therapist and the client on any available computer with internet access.

Video conferencing gives the idea of face-to-face interaction a whole new meaning, and can help to improve mental health treatments.