Video conferencing for mid-size companies

Wednesday, January 12 2011

Technology like video conferencing used to be cost-prohibitive for businesses under a certain size, but those days are over. Now, businesses of all sizes can enjoy the perks of video conference, web conferencing and webinars thanks to affordable systems, easy-to-use interfaces and widespread adoption of these kinds of gadgets throughout a number of industries.

These days, even high-definition video conferencing is available to smaller and mid-sized companies. Only a few years ago, HD systems required such an enormous amount of energy to run that only the largest enterprises could afford them. But now, there is enough bandwidth to go around and HD video conferencing can be achieved by smaller companies on a strict budget.

Video conferencing and telepresence suites offer a major boon to businesses that may not have the time or money to fly around the country conducting face-to-face meetings. Video calls are significantly more intimate than conference calls, allowing participants to gesture, smile and make eye contact - just like they would in an in-person interaction. The latest video conferencing suites don't require headphones or visible microphones, making the conversation even more realistic.

Whether you run a small business, a medium-sized enterprise or a massive corporation, video conferencing has something to offer you.