Video conferencing helping out medical students

Tuesday, March 22 2011

The Higher Education Commission in Pakistan is using video conferencing technology to help educate medical students in the country.

According to The News, HEC understands the need to provide education to students who may not be able to attend specific medical lectures or demonstrations because of their financial situations. Video conferencing can also be a solution to connect students in rural areas to more advanced medical practices in the cities.

The first interactive surgery was held at the Holy Family Hospital where the doctors demonstrated an advanced upper G.I. laparoscopic surgery to all the online viewers, according to the news source. Many doctors and consultants from various medical fields attended the event through video conferencing technology over their high speed networks.

HEC Chairperson Dr. Javed Laghari spoke during the event and mentioned that 75 universities across the country were connected through the video conferencing network. He explained that the technology is a vital tool that can be used for guest lectures and even international seminars and conferences. Laghari added that universities can also offer joint courses through the use of the video conferencing.