Video conferencing helps businesses protect the environment

Tuesday, June 18 2013

Cutting-edge video conferencing technology has many benefits for small businesses. For instance, the communication platform allows employees to contact clients on the other side of the country so the company can break into markets beyond the local area. Perhaps the most notable perk is one that doesn't affect an enterprise at all as video conferencing software also helps protect the environment. 

According to a study from the Department of Computer Science at George Mason University, driving for one hour to a meeting consumes the same amount of energy as video conferencing for 1,000 hours. The report goes on to show that a discussion after a five-minute drive would have to last approximately three and a half days to be "more economical" than a virtual meeting.

By using conferencing applications, small business owners can limit travel to lower carbon emissions and protect the environment. What's more, Mashable points out that diminished travel also helps entrepreneurs reduce overhead expenses in the long run. After the initial costs of purchasing video conferencing software, owners won't have to pay for employees to travel far and wide in order to attend meetings. The news source explains that this strategy allows entrepreneurs to save funds for important trips.