Video conferencing helps retailers to offer the same services with fewer employees

Thursday, October 6 2011

Service-based businesses can reduce overhead costs by implementing video conferencing software. While this technology won't ever completely eliminate the need to employ a full workforce, it can be used to limit the number of associates an organization needs to complete simple tasks.

Retail services rely on employees not only to process transactions, but also for pointing customers in the right direction or verifying prices on certain items. While those services are necessary for a superior customer experience, they can still be performed without having to employ a large staff.

Video conferencing software can be installed in place of excess workers. Simple tasks such as locating an item in a large store or pricing a particular product can be performed through a computer screen. Merchants can setup various portals where shoppers can go to for advice, which means that they won't have to search for an associate on a massive sales floor.

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