Video conferencing helps reveal nonverbal clues in communication

Wednesday, August 3 2011

Video conferencing is an important technology to have in any corporate business. It is the preferred method of communication in the absence of physical proximity due to the ability it provides to read client and coworkers nonverbal clues.

In the well-known study, "7-38-55," Dr. Albert Mehrabian suggests that only 7 percent of communication is through spoken word. He goes on to suggest that 38 percent is tone of voice and 55 percent is received from body language such as nodding heads, crossed arms, raised eyebrows and posture.

In many lines of work video conferencing has overtaken conference calls and email chains because of the visual aspect provided by the technology. Meetings held through equipment provided by companies like MegaMeeting help to reveal understandings, agreements and improve the integrity of meetings with clients and business partners.

Video conferencing equipment can range in price and service from smaller, office sized projections to event-based broadcasting equipment. Companies that utilize video conferencing technology save money on travel expenses. Although video conferencing does not completely eliminate traveling to meet clients, it does reduce travel in many situations that do not have lasting impact on a business' future, such as interviews and company-wide updates.