Video conferencing improves the classroom experience

Tuesday, September 6 2011

Before video conferencing had been widely accepted as an easy way to visually communicate with audiences, guest speakers were limited to the number of presentations they could give in one day. However, with video conferencing growing in popularity and becoming standard in hi-tech classrooms, opportunities to have industry leaders speak to students are plentiful.

While a teacher may have a great deal of knowledge about her craft, she may sometimes be unable go into enough detail about evolving trends that came to prominence long after her own education ended. Inviting authorities in maturing industries to speak to students can be an eye-opening experience for them, which is why educational systems have embraced the opportunity for decades.

Companies such as MegaMeeting give school systems an affordable way to encourage more guest speakers to present to students. The conferencing software is easily installed on any computer with a camera and seamlessly connects two or more people with one another. When used in a classroom setting, a presenter can directly address student questions and engage with them in an educational manner.

Video conferencing expands a school's available resources by allowing teachers to reach out to industry leaders and find ways to instruct their students on current trends in the real world.