Video conferencing in schools is changing the way kids learn

Wednesday, July 20 2011

In the past, school systems were limited to the knowledge held by their staff. However, today teachers and experts in different fields of study are able to teach a class collectively. Video conferencing is not only utilized by personal computer owners anymore. It is a widely-used tool by many businesses and organizations to help transmit data from one source to another.

In schools today, teachers are finding ways to bring experts into their classrooms the same way many hosted guest speakers in the past. With the use of video conferencing, teachers are able to access a much large variety of people willing to talk to their students. This is an especially valuable tool for teaching students about culture, weather and other unique aspects of the places they do not live in. Through video conferencing, teachers from Alaska are able to bring in guest speakers from Texas and discuss the differences in climate or activities. The students will have visual aids to help them better understand lessons.

Video conferencing can greatly affect education in the world today. By breaking down location limitations, schools have the ability to connect their students to new resources of information. It's an interesting idea that should be explored. Imagine a learning environment where students from Mexico and the United States are teaching each other their native languages.