Video conferencing makes group projects easier

Monday, August 15 2011

Students in colleges and universities all over the world are often put into groups and given projects to complete together. Although some people find that style of collaboration an effective way to learn, other find that meeting with members of the team can interfere with personal obligations. For students studying in major cities but living in the suburbs, video conferencing has helped save them money on commuting to and from class. 

Students often meet in a common work room that has been provided by the school. In recent years, universities have begun to install video conferencing equipment to help communication between students become easier. The innovative technology is especially helpful in connecting students when they are unable to be together in one place. If a member of the group is unable to be present at the meeting site, he can easily hold an online meeting with his partners from the comforts of his home.

Video conferencing technology has eliminated wasted travel time for many students, which is especially beneficial to a commuter who cannot afford to travel back and forth multiples times a day. Companies such as MegaMeeting supply school facilities all over the country with the software that they need to provide these services to their hardworking students.