Video conferencing makes touring schools easier

Thursday, August 18 2011

Universities are beginning to offer online interviews to potential students. Instead of having to travel and set up face-to-face interviews with candidates, colleges around the country are speeding up the college application process by meeting with more people in a shorter amount of time.

With the integration of video conference software in many new kinds of technology, the way people meet with one another is changing. No longer confined to geographical locations, people can connect and share information easily through video conferencing software. Companies such as MegaMeeting provide organizations like colleges all around the country with the software they need to engage with potential students miles away.

Especially useful in speaking with foreign exchange student, video conferencing equipment has eliminated extra travel expenses for many people. In the past if a student from another country wanted to tour a school in the United States they would have needed to set aside expenses to travel and visit it. Today, potential students can talk to admissions, facility and tour the campus all through the internet. In addition, parents are better able to discuss and understand financial aid plans without having to travel overseas to meet with an advisor.