Video conferencing saves the most green

Monday, December 13 2010

The world's largest software company, SAP, recently tried several energy-saving techniques at their first U.S. location in Palo Alto, California, such as adopting solar power, LED lights, electric cars and video conferencing.

SAP found that video conferencing gave them the most cost-savings in their attempt to lessen their environmental impact, reports Seeking Alpha. The green-friendly energy overhaul came as a result of fluctuating energy prices, new regulations, employee satisfaction and market opportunities.

According to the news source, SAP paid $300,000 to have three video conferencing systems installed. While the initial cost may be daunting, those units will save the company $300,000 in reduced travel costs in the first year alone in addition to boosting productivity.

"No one wants to fly every few weeks to Germany," where the company's headquarters are located, Rami Branitzky, managing director of SAP Labs North America, told reporter Michael Kanellos.

Coming in second place in the company's energy saving blitz was LED light fixtures, but the savings was nearly one-fourth less than that of video conferencing technologies. Installing 337 LED fixtures cost SAP $434,000 up front, but will save $80,000 annually.