Video conferencing software connects kids and incarcerated parents

Thursday, November 8 2012

Prisons and jails have recently begun using video conferencing software for visitation purposes. The technology allows families to stay in touch during sentences while also helping facilities reduce overhead costs in ensuring security for visiting civilians.

A recent report has found that online video software also helps children connect with their parents while their mothers and fathers are in prison. According to the Sentencing Project's "Video Visits for Children Whose Parents Are Incarcerated: In Whose Best Interest?" 2.6 million kids have at least one parent in jail.

Some of these kids can't meet with their mothers or fathers because some prisons are located great distances away from major cities. It can also be very stressful for a child to visit a correctional facility, even if it's the only way they're allowed to see their parents.

As more prisons add video conferencing technology to their visitation services, more children can stay in touch with their parents. Kids shouldn't be punished for their parents' crimes and the inability to see their mothers and fathers can be damaging in the long run. Digital meeting applications can help children through these tough times.