Video conferencing software improves legal proceedings

Wednesday, June 12 2013

Video conferencing software is being successfully integrated into organizations across various industries. While the communication platform is a fixture in many businesses, it's also finding a home in other organizations, including jails and public departments across the United States.

For instance, the Press Republican recently reported that the software is used in Franklin County Jail so inmates don't have to be brought to courthouses for their trials. Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill told the news source that the new system has led to savings for labor costs and reduced damage done to vehicles used for prisoner transport. 

What's more, public defenders in the county also use video conferencing. Thomas Soucia said that new communication platform allows him to quickly meet with clients without having to travel to the jail. When Soucia did visit his clients, he'd often have to stay for hours when other inmates requested meetings. 

"Or if I have a telephone conference, it's not uncommon for me to talk to four other people because they say, 'Just a minute,' and hand the phone to someone else," Soucia explained. 

Other jails should consider the benefits of video conferencing as the platform allows inmates to complete their legal proceedings without eating significant portion of the budget.