Video conferencing technology can help employees deal with gas prices

Monday, July 22 2013

Employees are trying to stretch every last cent from their paychecks. The cost of living seems to keep increasing and wages aren't keeping pace, meaning that many workers are in danger of slipping into the red. For instance, high gas prices are making it difficult for many workers cover the costs of commuting. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, average fuel costs rose all across the country from July 8 to July 15.

Additionally, there's little hope for a drop in prices in the near future. CNN reports that political uncertainty, the struggling commodities market, production problems and increasing demand will likely lead to even higher fuel prices in the near future.

Unfortunately, many employers can't afford to increase wages to help staff members deal with financial challenges. However, companies can assist workers combat rising gas prices by implementing telecommuting policies.

Businesses that want to allow employees to work from home should integrate video conferencing technology with their current systems. The communications platform facilitates collaboration between professionals in remote locations so that productivity won't be negatively impacted. Ultimately, this may be the ideal solution to help workers maintain fiscal solvency without creating new overhead expenses for a company.