Video conferencing technology is a cost-effective alternative to business travel

Wednesday, July 3 2013

Video conferencing technology allows a business to control overhead expenses to avoid financial hardship. Through the use of advanced communication software, professionals can instantly connect with anyone around the world and conduct a meeting that's similar to an in-person discussion.

The platform is particularly beneficial given the rising costs of air travel. According to the Bureau of Transportation Statistics, the average airfare was $375 in 2012, up from $371 in 2011. Further, this was the fourth consecutive year in which prices went up, with 2009 having the lowest rate at $332 per ticket.

Businesses that are struggling to stay in the black likely can't afford to keep buying airline tickets to send employees on trips to meet with clients or remote associates. If prices keep trending upward, companies will have to find a more budget-friendly solution to maintain financial solvency.

The implementation of video conferencing software can be the ideal option for many enterprises. With a single application, a company can ensure that its entire staff can communicate with all necessary parties around the world without having to go on expensive trips multiple times per year.