Video conferencing technology is more reliable when based in software rather than hardware

Tuesday, August 30 2011

There are numerous benefits to video conferencing. Many consumers look at the technology as a communication tool and find value out of services such as Skype. For businesses, finding a more reliable platform with better control, consistency and call quality helps to improve client relations.

With the introduction of video conference software, companies are beginning to feel more comfortable with video conferencing as a substitute for actual meetings. Bringing interactions to the digital world and creating online meetings can present great opportunities for companies to easily connect with one another at any time of the day.

A software-based video conference solution, such as MegaMeeting, provides infinite possibilities in terms of mobility and flexibility. In deep contrast to hardware-based video conferencing systems, which can falter, software-based solutions do not require users to obtain compatible equipment or purchase excess software. In many cases, a video conference can be done through an open portal on the internet.

Software-based video conferencing relies on a single browser and can easily help connect people through the internet, which is universal on every computer. Users link to a server hosted by MegaMeeting and are able to discuss in a person-to-person setting while in their respectable offices.