Video conferencing treatment for people with OCD

Friday, March 18 2011

Many patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder don't have access to proper treatment, so professors at Drexel University are turning to video conferencing to address this problem.

As a debilitating anxiety disorder, OCD affects more than 2.2 million people in the U.S., according to News Medical. People with the ailment are always uneasy and worrisome, and they reduce their thoughts by repetitive behaviors.

Dr. James Hebert and Dr. Evan Forman, psychologists from the Anxiety Treatment and Research Program, found that video conferencing is a great solution to reach those with the disorder who may not have the proper resources to get treated. The news source explains that the professors feel strongly about the technology, saying that tackling the disorder with video conferencing can help individuals get specialized mental health treatments.

If the program becomes a success, patients will be able to virtually meet with their therapists, eliminating the need for traveling, which may trigger certain anxious behavior. Not only will video conferencing technology help out people psychologically, the method is also cost-effective - an added benefit for both the doctors and the patients.