Video conferencing use in trials reduces costs for court systems

Monday, July 25 2011

There once was a time where if someone was caught committing a crime, justice was served immediately. In today's world, waiting for a fair trial can take weeks or even months to occur. Whether held in regional prisons or stuck in their homes, people who have been summoned to court don't always get to appear in a timely fashion.

For either a misdemeanor or felony, court systems across the country are speeding up the judicial system by using video conferencing equipment as a replacement for in-court hearings. The technology allows a judge to see many more cases in a day than in the past while cutting down on transportation fees that were used to move inmates and staff.

Cases that require interpreters are not always easy to schedule. However, through video conferencing, interpreters are able to attend several cases in a business day and cut down on travel time while venturing from courtroom to courtroom. The reduction of travel time from the transportation of inmates and interpreters undoubtedly saves the court system money, which they can now focus on benefiting the state.

Companies like MegaMeeting have helped court systems across the country provide the best possible trial while reducing expenses.