Video conferencing used to increase safety in jail

Wednesday, May 22 2013

Administrators from the Christian County Jail recently announced that the facility will soon implement video conferencing software and kiosks to bolster safety during visits. According to the Springfield News-Leader, the sheriff's office initially wanted to replace in-person meetings with the new technology. The digital solution will be monitored for six months, starting in June 2013, and then evaluated by the county commission. 

Currently, the facility has six pods with 16 inmates in each section. Visits are held on the weekend and are scheduled by pod. Sheriff Joey Kyle believes that his officers and inmates aren't completely safe during the in-person gatherings. 

"It's not just the officer's safety. We're also talking about inmate safety too. You can't prove the negative in this case, but it's equal to both sides of the equation, inmate safety and officer safety," Kyle said. 

Christian County won't be charged for the video conferencing software or devices. The news source reports that the jail will receive at least seven kiosks for the pilot program. 

Ultimately, Christian County Jail's initiative highlights the benefits of video conferencing for facilities around the country. The safety of inmates and officers should be a priority in every jail, and digital meeting solutions allow administrators to eliminate potential threats.