Webcam yoga: The future of fitness?

Tuesday, February 22 2011

Most of us have used video conferencing technology while others may have heard the revolutionary role that video conferencing has played in globalization. Many companies are revamping their communication systems to make use of the technology and government agencies are using web conferencing to cut costs and save lives. For yoga instructor Sarah Hamilton, the tool allows her to teach online classes.

According to GeekSugar, online classes allows students to do their poses in the convenience of their homes. Because it is live, Hamilton is still able to communicate with the participants, as she asks for feedback from the people watching her. Those who are willing can also aim the camera at themselves so that Hamilton can see their progress and point out mistakes that they may be making.

It may not quite mimic an actual yoga studio, but video conferencing technology allows for a more private session, especially for beginners who may be too self-conscious to go to a physical class. The live engagement also beats out popping in an old DVD that you have already seen countless times.