Webinars can help build your hypnotherapy business

Monday, January 9 2012


Building and expanding clientele in a clinical hypnotherapy business can be difficult. Office space is expensive to rent and a consistent client-base is hard to establish right away. Some hypnotherapists have found success through online trainings that enable them to reach people remotely. Offering webinars and live classes can help reach clientele who may be seeking hypnotherapy services, but don't know where to find it within their community.

Video conferencing companies like MegaMeeting give independent practioners the tools they need to make professional webinars and host live meetings with clients. MegaMeeting's services come with integrated VoIP audio that allows therapists and clients to communicate easily and clearly during sessions through a standard headset/microphone. Attending a session is easy for clients who need only an Internet connection and any web browser since the services are compatible and work across platforms.

Whether clients are looking to lose weight, quit smoking, break bad habits or overcome their fears, therapists will be able to offer them reliable services from a distance with the highest quality video feed and flexible video stream. Growing hypnotherapy businesses can share experiences, trainings or provide testimonials through webinars to boost their credibility and answer potential client questions.