Webinars can help plan for retirement

Tuesday, January 17 2012

Making retirement plans might become easier as more information becomes available through free webinars. Both private and public agencies offer online conferences that feature advice about retirement plans that participants can access from any place at any time.

The Social Security Administration website offers a webinar called Retire Online: It's So Easy. In this webinar, the SSA walks participants through the process of applying for retirement benefits online from the convenience of their home.

The University of Washington is hosting a webinar called Staying Calm During a Bear Market along with sponsoring firm Vanguard to help individuals understand the market and make wise investment decisions. In a series of short webinars called Retirement & Savings, they tackle investment topics that can help participants make financial choices for retirement.

Bell Investment Advisors is offering a free webinar called Making a Good Life Happen in Retirement to educate their community on how to achieve just that. In this webinar, they challenge participants to think about how financial planning, investment management and career and life coaching can help them get the income they'll need to support the lifestyle they want in retirement. This is just one webinar among a series this firm offers to present participants with financial advice.