Webinars help keep farms connected

Friday, January 20 2012

Purdue University and the University of Iowa are two schools offering free webinars to educate area farmers about agricultural issues.

The Iowa State University Extension program participates in an organization called Iowa Learning Farms, which is hosting a webinar on nitrogen and air quality tips. This informative conference is a continuation of Iowa Learning Farms' 2011 webinar series including topics on water quality perceptions and patch-burn grazing. The organization partners education, farming and funding to develop a culture of conservation that it hopes to pass on to future generations of landowners.

Purdue University is hosting a series of webinars titled Raising Poultry for Pleasure & Profit to offer information to small-scale poultry operators. The topics for this webinar include basic poultry production, developing a production system, keeping the flock healthy and making a profit. Purdue Extension educator Kelly Heckaman says that hosting the conferences through webinars makes it possible for the program to feature industry experts from across the region.

Web conferencing services like MegaMeeting make it easy to produce and participate in webinars from anywhere. It's easy for individuals such as rural farm owners to view educational webinars and attend online meetings because the browser-based services only require an internet connection.