Webinars make lectures from notable speakers available to thousands of students

Wednesday, November 23 2011

Nobel Peace Laureate Muhammad Yunus, the founder of Grameen Bank, otherwise known as the "Bank for the Poor," gave a special lecture on the theme of social business to over 20 educational institutes in India simultaneously. Yunus demonstrated the idea that the concept and principles of social business can be a primary method of easing poverty. He used this foundation for Grameen Bank, an institute that offers financial resources to even the poorest of the poor with no prior credit.

The Wockhardt Foundation, a non-profit organization engaged in social service and human welfare, organized the lecture through live video conferencing. Offering the lecture through a web-based, online conferencing system made the game-changing presentation available to over 10,000 students in India.

Not only did the students benefit from listening to the wise lessons from Yunus, but they also were given the opportunity to ask questions or provide comments following the lecture. Aspiring entrepreneurs could ask him how he built the foundation for Grameen Bank and how to get such an innovative and unique project off the ground with the support of others.

Educators across the globe can use video conferencing to open up discussion and create fresh ideas to 10 times the number of students they would in a normal classroom.