What makes video conferencing software eco-friendly?

Monday, October 29 2012

In an effort to reduce their carbon emissions, some business have begun using video conference software for many of their meetings. These programs allow companies to interact with anyone who has internet access and reduces the need for travel.

When corporations send representatives to meet with clients or associates, those employees are contributing to a growing pollution problem. Even eco-friendly transportation options produce carbon. The best video conference application allows staffers to speak face to face with almost anyone without harming the environment.

Reducing travel isn't the only way video conferences can help the environment, as the digital meetings also eliminate other waste produced by physical meetings. Mother Nature Network (MNN) writes that many conferences include food, beverages and paper, all of which turn to trash once the discussions are over.

Presenters sometimes offer snacks and drinks as courtesies to their audiences. Web conferences eliminate the need for this hospitable gesture and thus reduces some of the waste caused by meetings. Because an online meeting, can be recorded there's no need to take notes on a piece of paper that'll be discarded shortly after the conclusion. By reducing carbon emissions and waste, video conferences may be the eco-friendly alternative to physical meetings that businesses have been seeking.