What to bring to a video conference

Tuesday, February 12 2013

A video conference is similar to an in-person gathering in many ways. There could be a great distance between meeting participants, but video conferencing software connects clients and employees from around the world and enables participants to provide valuable contributions. 

Web meeting participants should prepare for a video conference as they would for any other gathering. Remember to bring the following essentials that commonly help audience members get involved in meetings:

1. Paper and writing instruments - A diligent note-taker can write down information as it is delivered in a meeting. Ensure that plenty of paper and several pens or pencils are accessible so audience members can become active participants in the gathering. 

2. Tissues - Coughing or sneezing can be distracting, but having a box of tissues nearby could help audience members.

3. Concerns and questions - A well-prepared participant should have queries ready before he or she enters a conference. Study the meeting's agenda to fully understand its purpose and pay attention to speakers throughout the gathering. After the meeting, review your concerns and questions, and if they have not been addressed, reach out to the meeting's presenters for clarification.